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Kay VanAllen

What Does It Mean To Be Tactical

Being prepared for any situation is not something that happens overnight. It is the commitment to a craft, a willingness to always be ready, that creates a tactical person. A common first thought when the word tactical gets used is the root word tactic which means a carefully planned strategy. Tactical is more about a strategic problem-solving process than anything else. 

How do you go about finding a solution to complex problems?


Setting Goals, forming a plan of action, and taking the proper steps every day to make them a reality might be easier said than done. The struggle is in aiming at an end goal beyond the immediate action. Each day we should be taking steps to solidify and build upon achieving our goals.

Effective problem-solving starts with defining the problem, then having a clear understanding of the goal or solution. Showing clever planning by implementing solutions is the best approach to fine-tuning these traits. Problem-solving is a learned skill that takes years of practice. Here are a few tactical tips we have learned over the years.


Living in a tactical mindset is not living in fear but rather living prepared. Our lives are in a constant state of unknowns. Not being prepared for the unexpected is understandable, but taking a tactical plan of action will provide the confidence that you are ready for the unanticipated. 

Examples of this would be regularly asking clients and customers to participate in surveys and polls to know when customer client satisfaction is low, taking our Tactical Solutions Assessment to make to ensure your business remains in shape. Even carrying out employment assessments to ensure an excellent work environment is an example of being tactical.  

Obviously, not many people look forward to asking the opinions of their customers and clients for, but it’s necessary! Accepting that fact and being ready for it defines having a tactical thought process.

Always being prepared requires the mind to wander to worst-case scenario thoughts. Not to dwell on the idea of something bad happening but understanding certain circumstances are inevitable. And if we take tactical steps to prepare for them, they are mitigable.



Find a set system for problem-solving that works for you, every person can be different. The focus is that you are your own problem-solver for working through tough situations.

When I think of everything going from bad to worse, the blank, blank scholarship education comes to mind. Recipients, as well as C.E and Business Physical Clients alike, understand the importance of a self-reliant approach to recreation. 

The first thing to do in any tough or unknown situation is to not panic. Panic intensifies the situation in a negative way, especially if you are the one aiding in the solution process. 

Analyze the situation, locate the tools to help solve the problem and then act upon the desired end. Acknowledge that the problem is not getting worse. If you are not in an emergency situation, always take the time to run through each scenario. 



Accidents happen unexpectedly and without notification. A tactical lifestyle means bringing only what you need while still being prepared for any situation. Taking a tactical approach to risk management in remote situations is a must. I also encourage contingency plans set to an appropriate timetable. Then act on each decision as if the outcome is solely your responsibility. 

Do you know what steps to take if a client/ customer leaves a terrible online review that others are appealing to?

Learn to work with the select resources that you have in order to enhance your problem-solving skills. If you know how to think quickly or effectively, you know that the thought process is everything when looking for tactical solutions. 

Having a backup plan provides confidence that is not to be taken for granted. As a consultant and career coach, I frequently write in my work journal. It is the proof of my extensive workday and is helpful in determining the outcome situations. 

Being tactical is being prepared for the unexpected, allowing your mind to wander into “what if” scenarios & owning the confidence to make the right decision when time is of the essence. If you have any questions or concerns it’s time to get tactical and take control. Email, call,  or text what works for you works for me.


"I’d like to give a special thanks to Brian Z. I stumbled upon this article in March of 2022 and I couldn't agree more.

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Keep it Tactical."

         -Kay Van Allen, Consultant


Original Post by Trayvax Content Creator  Brian Zig April 24, 2020






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