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Evaluate Your Ideas!

The Concept Evaluation assesses your business concept as well as your personality and decision-making process.

It's not a business plan, it's better. It's a tacical review of how well you've thought out your business or organization. however once you complete the Concept Evaluation a business plan can be created, as well as

  • Growth Plan

  • Budgeting System

  • Business expenses

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Contingency plans

  • Executive Summaries

  • Biography

  • Your Story

  • Personality Assessment

  • Target Market

  • Promotional budget plan

  • Business Plan

  • Correspondences

  • And much more. 

Who can take the Concept Evaluation?

To know if  we can absolutely provide expertise to your situation or business organization; reach out to us for a friendly chat and we’ll set a meeting to discuss Concept Evaluation.

Why Should You Take The C.E?

Have you ever completed a business plan and were left with even more unanswered questions?


The evaluations takes place in ia interview style, meaning applicants will come in-person to a certain location for a full morning, afternoon, or evening to complete the evaluation.


During the evaluation, applicants are asked to provide information about their concept and themselves for the sole purpose of providing you with the best possible solutions and suggestions.

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